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At present, we are NOT offering any classes due to our relocation from Muncie, Indiana to Aurora, Illinois. Please check back again soon for any updates. 


We are not a retail outlet, so do not stock or provide gi (uniforms) or training equipment. Uniforms and training equipment can be quickly obtained from any number of online vendors, including:

Jukado International (link)

Amazon (link)

Century Martial Arts Supply (link)

Kataaro Custom Martial Arts Products (link

Asian World of Martial Arts (link)

If you need any assistance choosing the appropriate gi, please do not hesitate to ask as it is our pleasure to assist you.

Prior to obtaining a gi, we ask that students wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing such as sweats or other exercise clothing. NO shorts or revealing clothing, please!


A pdf copy of the Art of Karate Student Guide is available here: Art of Karate Student Guide


  • Everyone who joins or visits our dojo enjoys our commitment to excellence in traditional Japanese karate-do.

  • Our classes are open to any individual, couple, or family that is interested in joining us. 

  • The MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT for us to accept a new student is 12 (there is no maximum) and students under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult family member, guardian, or approved family friend who is ALSO A REGISTERED STUDENT.

  • All students must apply for membership, we do not accept just anyone who walks in the door. . . we are not here to teach people who are not committed to changing their way of life.

  • Students must understand that they are committed to train in class at every available training session as well as at home as much as possible in order to develop properly in their training.

  • By studying karate-do you are involving yourself in a life-changing activity - physically, mentally, spiritually, and culturally.

  • Our years of experience, knowledge, and continued growth are valuable to us and to our long-term students.

  • Anyone who joins must be dedicated to improving the quality of their life.

  • We prefer that anyone curious about our training actually try it rather than only watch. People who have actually tried it have been much more likely to begin training than those who only watched. 

We are devoted to the promotion of traditional Japanese Shotokan & Shindo Jinen Ryu Karate-do and are members of the USA Amateur Athletic Union's National Karate Program, USA Traditional Karate Association, and lifetime members of the Japan Karate-do ShotoJukuKai


Students are expected to attend training classes on a regular basis and on time.

Karate-do is not a “seasonal team sport” nor is it considered as a “hobby” or “activity”. Karate-do is a special way of life which is dedicated to achieving a winning, yet humble, attitude. As such, training is ongoing and requires serious, dedicated practice for optimum results. Dedicated study will include regular class attendance with home practice.

It must be further stressed that karate-do study comes before any other extra-curricular activities such as team sports.

It is said in Japan that “A hunter will go hungry when chasing two rabbits.” Therefore, karate-do should be the only rabbit one attempts to pursue.

It has been observed, innumerable times, that mastery of karate-do will take a lifetime to achieve and, perhaps, even a little longer!



As a member, you are entitled to attend all training sessions for which you are qualified. We do not guarantee that you will achieve any given belt rank after taking a specific number of lessons, we can only guarantee that the training required to earn belt ranks will be made available to you.

Throughout your study of the art of karate-do, your goal should be to train, not strain, your body. The pace of each training session is set to challenge the majority of the students. If the pace is too fast, slow down! Don’t wait until the sensei tells you to slow down, or until you injure yourself or pass out! Our style of karate-do has been scientifically developed so that we can perform techniques with maximum ease and efficiency. If you are straining your body, you are performing the technique incorrectly. Ask for help!

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Aurora, Illinois

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